The Most Basic (And Known) Male Sexual Dysfunctions

Some men suffer from sexual dysfunctions, and these can be the origin of specific relationship problems.

Male Sexual Dysfunctions

In these cases, visit your doctor to find out about the situation and assess possible solutions (η αλήθεια για το Titan Gel). If the couple is in a moment seeking pregnancy, it is essential to make an appointment to rule out any problem associated with fertility.

Erectile Dysfunction

Among male sexual dysfunctions, the most frequent is erectile dysfunction, which is the difficulty of achieving and maintaining an erection during sexual intercourse, which affects between 2 and 5 out of every ten men over 40, according to studies, and increases with age (Titan Gél rendelés). Both men and women must be aware of how age affects fertility in the search for pregnancy.

It is good to know that some practices can lead to a man having erectile dysfunction problems. The consumption of alcohol, tobacco, cannabis and antidepressant drugs increase the difficulties for correct sexual relations. Also, dysfunctions can appear as a consequence of stress at work or relationship problems.

Premature Ejaculation

Another sexual dysfunction has to do with the act of expelling semen, which takes place during ejaculation. Premature ejaculation is one of them, but other malfunctions are not so well known that also affect fertility—difficulties in expelling the semen, or not being in control of the expulsion itself.

Other male sexual dysfunctions arise from lack or excess of sexual desire, from orgasms without ejaculation or from discomfort during the same sexual act by the shape of the penis itself if someone has never used Titan Gel before.

Age Matters

Unlike women, in the case of men, there is no menopause as such. But in your fact, over the years, testosterone levels tend to decrease, and prostate size can increase, which can lead to erectile dysfunction or decreased sexual desire.

At any sign of male sexual dysfunction, it is best to go to the doctor to find a solution; each case is unique. If also, the couple is at the moment of seeking a pregnancy, assisted reproduction techniques such as artificial insemination or IVF can help achieve this.

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