Sexually Transmitted Diseases In Men (STDs)

A surprising fact is that STDs continue to increase worldwide despite information campaigns and new technologies.

Several specialists treat the sexually transmitted diseases (dermatologists, gynaecologists, urologists and internists) thus generated confusion for patients to know what to go, specialist.

The truth is that most male patients go to urologists first because of the clinical repercussions that STDs have on the penis: urethral discharge, pain when urinating, warts, blisters, erythematous areas, pain or inflammation.

In US based Titan Gel reviews, more than 2 million STDs were reported in 2020 with an upward progression in recent years. In Europe, the situation is similar, and there is still an overwhelming majority of cases that go unreported so that the actual situation can be much broader.

The main sexually transmitted germs are:

  • Chlamydia
  • gonococcus
  • HPV
  • herpes virus
  • treponema pallidum causing syphilis
  • ureaplasma
  • and mycoplasma.

We are not going to discuss HIV infections or hepatitis since they are out of the Titan Gel urologist’s specialty.

Another essential piece of information to understand the increase in STDs is that more than 90% of them are asymptomatic, so if a person has several partners at the same time, they can transmit this infection exponentially.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

A person with two sexual partners exposes three people; one with three sexual partners affects seven people and a person with four sexual partners can involve 15 people.

We can imagine the impact of STDs:

In young people under 25, unique “chain” relationships influence more than polygamy: they have several partners in short periods, so if the incubation period of one of the STDs is 3-4 weeks, they can infect the new partner without being “unfaithful” to this new partner (read about crema Titan Gel in Italy).

The transmission is more effective male to female since acts vagina reservoir producing greater exposure of vaginal tissue, micro traumatisms during intercourse facilitate a transfer, infections are asymptomatic, and finally, some tests are less sensitive.

For this reason, every woman under 25 and who has had several sexual partners should have an STD check-up once a year, although the reality is that it is not usually done.

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