Penis Enlargement – Myth Promoted by Marketers?

Every day, you are bombarded with a plethora of penis enlargement products or procedures being advertised, and all claiming to work. Including going under the knife, men have used a full arsenal of magic creams, pills, weights, and strange pump-looking devices to gain penis length and girth.

Penis Enlargement Myth

Thanks to vague feelings towards the organ of choice, many guys seek penis size enhancement because of having a wrong angle of view.  

Does Penis Size Matter That Much?

Penis enlargement, also called augmentation, is any method or technique that aims to increase the human penis size. Techniques used include ointments, supplements, physical tools like pumps, and surgery. A common anxiety factor, penis size varies in men from different ethnic backgrounds. It’s hard to gauge your member’s actual size, mostly when he’s flaccidly napping.

Condom manufacturers have conducted conclusive studies on penis length and girth, and it’s perceived that most men fall into the average or normal size range. Typically, an erect penis not having erectile dysfunction issues, should stand tall at five to six inches, with a girth circumference of around 4 or 5 inches. When flaccid, penis size varies with factors such as temperature, temperament, and blood pressure. 

Largely Unreliable Penis Size Enhancement Techniques

Penis enlargement is now a multimillion-dollar industry together with premature ejaculation treatments, and it’s all thanks to an inferiority complex. Many average-sized guys think they are undersized, and these are the majority that seeks penile size augmentation. Other than the unfortunate individuals enamored with micro-penises, surgery for prostate cancer or Peyronie’s disease sufferers can have drastically reduced penis size.

Psychology is responsible, as men with average-sized organs can become obsessed with the idea that they’re not the desired size. This condition’s psychiatric diagnosis is penile dysmorphic disorder, very much like anorexia, where the sufferer has distorted perceptions.

The majority of penis size enhancement seekers have been proved to have the condition, and they’re also the least likely to be happy with the results. 

Which Penis Enlargement Technique Works?

There is one effective and safe method for a larger-ish penis, and that is losing weight. According to Beverly Hills urologist Jennifer Berman, MD, many guys think their penis is undersized because they are overweight.

The author of Secrets of the Sexually Satisfied Woman says that losing weight reveals more of that unseen shaft. Though there is no actual size increase, it looks more prominent, and there is also more reach as girth that was once hidden under belly fat is put to better use.

If you still prefer surgery over hitting the gym, removing fat from around the pad surrounding the penis can work through liposuction. 

However, any benefits can soon become misplaced if you don’t keep up a fitness regime. Once the fat starts to pile under your stomach again, it hides your penis as it sinks into your belly (Hungarian case). 

What Else Can You Use To Gain Length or Girth before Contemplating Surgery?

There are guys with rare hormonal or genetic conditions that result in a micro-penis, which stands erect less than 3 inches. Many urologists and the American Urological Association advise against any form of penis enlarging surgery, stating that it is neither practical nor safe.  

Some of the other unproven techniques that have the potential to give you at least half an inch more include;

  • Vacuum Pumping: The penis elongation vacuum pump is a cylindrical device that sucks air to elongate and add girth to your penis. Once you stick your organ into the pump, the resultant sucking power draws in extra blood to supposedly make your penis longer. 

A vacuum pump is also used to treat erectile dysfunction, assisting in achieving a stronger erection, together with a rubber ring or tourniquet. This ring keeps blood from flowing back out, but prolonged use can cause tissue damage, and there’s no proof that it permanently increases the penis size. 

  • Weights: Jelqing or stretching your penis with weights won’t work wonders to increase the size of your penis. The male appendage is not a muscle but rather a sponge, and stretching it with weights will take more dedication than is average.

You may have your penis strapped with weights for all the hours you are awake, risking burst blood vessels, torn tissue, and more for half a year. With luck, after all that anguish, you may find that you’ve gained less than half an inch.

  • Supplements, Creams, Pills, and Ointments: According to Dr. Berman, all of these are a bunch of nonsensical products that don’t work at all.

Penis Enlargement Surgery 

Most penis enlarging surgical procedures carry significant risks of complications such as swelling or penile distortion in Slovenian patients. Penis enlarging surgery falls into two types, including penile augmentation surgery and suspensory ligament release. 

Penile Augmentation Surgery 

This solution involves injecting the penis with fat cells to increase width or girth alongside substantial amounts of length. Severe side effects of penile augmentation can lead to the removal of the penis altogether.

Another surgical penile augmentation procedure involves grafted cells from other parts of your body, such as buttocks, being grafted onto the penis. On average, you can increase 0.94 to 1.04 inches after 12 months.

A downside of this surgery is that between 20 and 80 percent of the increase can be lost within one year (in a Serbian research). As such, multiple surgeries need to be carried out if you are to achieve longer-lasting results.

Suspensory Ligament Release Surgery

Suspension ligament release means work is done on the anchors that root your penis to the pelvis and vital in supporting an erection. When the ligaments are adjusted or cut in a particular manner, it changes how the penis stands when erect, making it appear longer.

With suspensory ligament release surgery, you can expect to increase penis length by 0.39 to 1.18 inches when flaccid. Since the lack of a hard rejection makes penetration difficult, penis elongation through suspension ligament can positively affect people with erectile dysfunction.

However, after centuries of dubious, generally lunatic attempts and unreliable testimonies, at penis enlargement, not much seems to work. Not only are most of the techniques advertised ineffective, but you also risk damaging your vital organ, alongside severe side effects.

Still, risk hasn’t stopped manufacturers, enterprising advertisers, cosmetic surgeons, and their consumers from obsessing over the sketchy penis enhancement treatments on offer.

How To Discuss With Your Partner Regarding Penis Enlargement

Penis enhancement might be a difficult decision to make for a few guys, though some men feel right from the beginning that they are all set to give it a go. But, notifying your wife or girlfriend of choice isn’t so easy. There’s always the possibility that she might not know or appreciate your selection.

Some burdens aren’t supposed to be carried independently. Getting married or participating in a long-term relationship proves that you aren’t alone individually, but one that wants and welcomes partnership, but you need to be very cautious when discussing this situation. Everything you would like is to assist your loved ones in passing this evaluation by accepting and respecting your move at penis enlargement.

Feeling Appreciated
Feeling Appreciated

An effective strategy means you could use Titan Gel, put on a gripping apparatus or perform penis enlargement exercises without needing to await your significant other to leave home.

Your very best choice is to have a strategy beforehand to ensure you have a sensible reaction to whatever questions may arise. You have to sound confident about penis enlargement, and also, you need to make your spouse understand that you have thought everything through and reasoned that penis enhancement is the very best option.

A fantastic point to begin is the widespread usage of body alterations in modern countries. If girls can have their breastfeeding wrinkles and enhanced erased, why should guys abstain from expanding their penises?

If your spouse cares about your well-being and pleasure, she perhaps will assist you by providing another opinion on improvement substances or equipment used in tablets. A different spin on matters might prove beneficial.

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