Hormonal Problems: Testosterone Deficiency

Male testosterone is the primary substance to form and maintain the male body. Read on to understand how to improve your system’s response.

It is part of the class of androgen hormones and has functions that go beyond sexual, arousing libido, and hormonal problems can have severe consequences for man’s life.

It is produced in the testicles but controlled by the brain. This exchange of information makes the man’s body change over time. However, after age 30, testosterone production naturally decreases. This drop can be higher than usual in any man, and bring visible health and well-being problems (Titan Gel pareri).

Testosterone Deficiency

Thinking about it, here we bring together the causes of this problem and its main effects. Follow!

What Is The Difference Between Older Men And Younger Males?

A man’s body undergoes a lot of changes as he age. It is a natural process that happens to every human being. The aging process is inevitable, and what happens to a man’s body at 60?

A man’s body changes as he ages, but the process is not always easy. The aging process can be physically demanding, but you can manage it by taking care of your health and wellbeing. It also helps to have anti-aging routines so you can have a positive outlook on aging.

Many changes happen to men as they age from the physical to the mental and spiritual levels. What happens to a man at 60?

The aging process springs early for men, but changes are more noticeable in older age. The hormones may be different, muscles will become less flexible, and blood circulation will diminish. But some other exciting developments happen which you might not expect if you are not living with it or have seen it before.

What Are The Causes Of Testosterone Deficiency?

In addition to the natural drop in the production of the hormone with age, other causes result in its deficiency at different stages of man’s life. We can quote:

  1. injuries or infections in the testicles;
  2. excess of medications;
  3. diabetes ;
  4. overweight or obesity;
  5. bad eating habits;
  6. alcohol and smoking;
  7. genetic diseases;
  8. tumours.

What Are The Symptoms Of These Hormonal Problems?

In men, symptoms of low testosterone levels are visible and easily observed. Here are a few before taking Titan Gel:

Decreased muscle mass

With the decrease of muscles, loss of physical strength occurs. We are not talking here about being very muscular, but about having enough power for your weight and age.

Increased fat mass

Just as mass loss can occur, the opposite is also possible. In search of gaining more muscle, some men end up on diets and exercises that result in increased fat, which can be harmful to health and organs (Titan Gel recenzia).

Decreased libido

Lack of sexual desire is one of the most characteristic symptoms of low male testosterone. The brain does not emit enough information for a strong desire. In addition to the low libido, the man may have difficulty maintaining an erection until the end and even ejaculating.

Fertility problems

As we mentioned above, with the non-production of testosterone in the testicles, the quantity and quality of semen are altered, impacting man’s fertility, with a low number of sperm. Although he and his partner do not wish to have children, this factor can negatively affect his self-esteem.

Mood swings

These mood swings can happen because the man realizes that his masculinity characteristics have been altered. Therefore, he is affected by a feeling of sadness that can even develop into a depressive state.

The low amount of male testosterone is a taboo subject for many men, who hide the above symptoms and do not seek medical help.

The test to measure the level of testosterone is a hormonal blood test. It must be done in the early morning, for better precision of the sample result. Treatment is simple and consists of replacing testosterone, and must be accompanied by a doctor, with regular examinations.

This is a dangerous attitude, as the lack of this hormone can also be the result of more severe health complications. Therefore, they should undergo other routine tests to eliminate the risk of serious illness.

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